About the Author

Phil Gabriel is a world travelling engineer, author, and expert at getting the most from life.

He has visited more countries than he can keep track of, on all continents except Antarctica (maybe next year). In each of the countries visited, he has always tried to find the best places to eat, drink, and enjoy life. His dedication to the search has resulted in some awesome memories; only some of which can be discussed in public.

He has worked as a troubleshooting engineer on everything from nuclear submarines to advanced aircraft. This background has inclined him to look at life as a series of engineering problem that must be solved.

He has spent several years in Japan, immersed in the culture of the Roppongi Bar district. From a chance encounter where he expressed an interest in the supernatural, he was led to study the history and mythology of Japan.

His research has led to a series of interconnected stories set in the Tokyo Supernatural world.

He also wonders if anyone ever reads these author bios.