Welcome to Tokyo Supernatural

This site is dedicated to the supernatural world that exists beside modern Tokyo. It’s the most modern city in the world, but occasionally the magical will peek out and be seen by those observant enough.

Here you will find stories about:

  • A magician who breaks a curse holding a ghost on Earth, not knowing the consequences
  • A magician in a love triangle with a ghost and a kitsune
  • A fierce battle between humans and a spider-goddess
  • Yakuza gangsters with magical tattoos shaking down bars for tribute in the Red Light District
  • A child born of magic and her dragon godmother
  • A battle with a Samurai ghost, seeking vengeance for wrongs committed hundreds of years ago
  • Various Japanese deities who enjoy spending time at the bar
  • A female werewolf from the US who finds more than she expected in Tokyo
  • And magical swords, no urban fantasy would be complete without magical swords

All of that and more. We’re going to have fun!