Check Out the New Site Header!

Hi TS fans,

I’ve been working on the site’s redesign, as well as commissioning new covers for the three books in the series.

Yes, I said three books. The third book should be out by the end of the year. As mentioned in previous posts, the third book will be called “Bar Sinister” and will feature our team of heroes in battles with mystic Yakuza gangsters, volcano spirits, and former foes.

I loved the covers prepared by my illustrator, Runno. His work is beautiful, containing details from the books that are only apparent to upon close inspection. Unfortunately, illustrated covers don’t sell well in Urban Fantasy. And my series needs to sell if I want to continue in this universe.

So I decided to go for a redesign. I contacted the talented Lou Harper at  Cover Affairs for a new take on my characters.

I will be doing a cover reveal later this year, but for a taste of Lou’s work, take a look at the new site header. It features new looks for Scott, Akiko, and Kitty-Sue.