The Haunted Onsen – Progress Report

I have just sent the final draft of “The Haunted Onsen” to my editor. She will be working her editorial witchcraft on my manuscript, turning it from a jumble of words, paragraphs, and chapters that only make a modicum of sense, into a smoothly written tome.

Editorial witchcraft? Maybe I should treat witches better in my next book, don’t want to PO my editor.

The book clocked in at about 99,000 words. To be honest, at 50,000 words, I despaired of reaching 70,000 words. Then I ended up cutting scenes to keep it around 100,000. I tried some new techniques, such as writing with an eye to keeping the action flowing.

And there’s lots of action. Everything from a decidedly unconventional encounter with a beautiful female dragon, to an encounter with the deadliest hunter the world has ever known, to the final fight between Scott and the Samurai ghost that haunts the Hakone Onsen.

Our intrepid team of supernatural heroes travel to exotic locales; including the Hakone area of Japan, Bangkok (where Scott dances with a tree spirit), to the home of a Fae prince in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I think my fans will really enjoy this story. Look for it soon on Amazon.