Taming Naughty-Sue

Hello guys! I have just finished writing the newest chapter of my book. Here’s a little sneek peak from the chapter I call “Taming Naughty Sue”.

I felt the tingle of Kitsune magic at my back and the hint of perfume in my nose. I spun around with a grin on my face, saying, “I’m glad you came back…,” only to be greeted by the devilish grin of Natsumi, Kitty-Sue’s sister. She had changed from her business suit into a party-girl outfit, showing lots of leg and cleavage.

She gestured to the now empty stool to my right and raised an eyebrow while saying, “May I?” I nodded in defeat as she slid onto the stool, exposing even more leg. I noted that she had to sit forward on the stool to give her two tails room to move.

She gestured imperiously at the barman and he scurried over quickly to take her order. As he was shaking up her cocktail, she sniffed the air and said, “My sister was just here. She was Mmmm, happy; then horny; then angry; then she left. Am I right?”

“Close enough,” I muttered into my drink while trying to keep my eyes from tracking her bosom under that tight, blue (of course) dress.

She accepted her drink and with the tiniest tilt of her head, indicated that it should be put on my tab. She must have learned this from her Auntie, the Queen.

“You’re buying the next round,” I said, probably the first time she had ever heard that.

“Of course,” she lied, “That’s what friends do,” as she lay her hand on my forearm. Her touch was warm, and I felt the tingle of Kitsune magic in her touch.

Several drinks later, none of which she paid for, Naughty-Sue (as I mentally tagged her) was leaning against me, black furred ears tickling my nose as her hands rubbed my thighs. I was fighting a losing battle with my recently ramped up hormones when the piano player started with an old song, “Love the One You’re With.”

“Damn Euterpe,” I muttered into my fourth (or was it my fifth?) double.

“Who’s Euterpe?” asked Naughty-Sue as she nuzzled my chest.

“An ex-girlfriend,” I replied, expecting the same type of jealousy that Kitty-Sue had shown.

Looking at me with wide eyes, Naughty-Sue said, “Do you want to invite her back for a threesome? You know I have two tails, right?”

Momentarily shocked by her openness, I asked, “What does having two tails have to do with threesomes?”

“That’s a secret,” she whispered in my ear, “that only the most intimate of friends finds out.” Her hot breath sent shivers down my spine and thoughts of uncovering the secret of the second tail ran through my brain.

As if in warning, the piano player started into the Aerosmith song, “Crazy.”

Still, she was here, she wasn’t the least bit jealous, and I had no doubts as to her free will. Looking down at her body, butt wiggling to the beat of the song, two tails swinging in counterpoint, I realized I could have done a lot worse.

“Well, then,” I said, standing up from my stool and motioning for the bill, “Let’s find out.”